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Sunday 23rd June 2024


    • Can I get in earlier than the advertised entry time? No. Whilst vehicles are entering the selling area it would not be safe to have pedestrians wandering around - the majority of sellers also like to have chance to set up or grab a coffee or toilet break (it could be the only chance they get). Entry is at the advertised times unless we deem it unsafe to do so - the organisers decision is final.
    • Where can I park? On-site parking is limited, but the surrounding area offers numerous free and pay and display parking alternatives. Thatcham Memorial Car Park is pay and display and is currently 50p for two hours, Brownsfield Road car park is free on Sundays. The free overflow field is open from 8.30am (as long as it is safe to do so).
    • I am disabled, can I park near the entrance? We have a limited number of disabled spaces. Whilst we cannot guarantee a space will be available we will do our best - speak to a marshall.
    • Can I bring my dog? We would not encourage it but dogs are allowed as long as they are under control at all times. Organisers reserve the right to refuse entry if any animal is not under the owners full control or we deem it a risk to other patrons.
    • How busy will it be? Every week is different so we cannot predict, but we can tell you how many have previously attended. Last year we averaged at 140+ sellers every week and on good days had 200+. Weather and other local events have an impact.
    • Its raining, how do I know if you are running? Call 07472997165 to hear our latest updates or check this website or our facebook page as it is updated during the day - alternatively sign up for our email updates, if we are cancelled we will do our best to update before people set out. We do not control the weather but do try and update people as soon as possible.

  • Tips for Buyers

    • Arrive early.  The best bargains will be snapped up straight away.
    • Take plenty of change with you. Many car boot bargains cost very little and you cant expect organisers or sellers to have unlimited change.
    • Barter!  That is what a car boot sale is for. It costs nothing to try.
    • Ask for what you want!  If you collect or are looking for something in particular then dont be afraid to ask the seller if they have what you are looking for.
    • Be in the right place at the right time.  It only takes one seller to have the item you want for the day to be worthwhile.
    • ENJOY YOURSELF!  Walking around a car boot sale is exercise, its good for you so even if you do not buy anything you have not wasted your time.  If you do not find what your are looking for then there is always next week.
    • Don't take out with you any more money than you can afford to spend as buying at car boot sales can be quite addictive!

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