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Car boot sales in Bristol, Thatcham, Wincanton

Latest News

2017 season starting Sunday 9th April

Our outdoor events will be restarting on Sunday 9th April

This is subject to weather and ground conditions.
We will not be running on the following date due to events at the venue:

  • Sunday 11th June (Circus).

We will be running every Sunday except those above (weather permitting). If there is any change or late cancellation we always try to email everyone by 6pm the day before. If you are in any doubt check our facebook page which is always the most up-to-date source.

Thatcham Memorial Hall and Playing Fields Foundation is a non profit organisation (charity number 300214). Revenue from this car boot sale and the other events and facilities help maintain and improve this valuable community asset.
If you are selling please remember:
We open at 07.30 - not 05.00 so there is no need to camp overnight!
We have been doing this long enough to know you could be the first or last car - buyers will scour every pitch for a bargain! Being closest to the food van guarantees you will be hungry - nothing else :)
Toilets open at 8am (this is out of our control).
Bring plenty of change.
Bring a friend if possible (so you can have a break).
If you have your door or boot left open switch off any lights to avoid a flat battery.
Thieves operate at events like these so be vigilant at all times. We cannot be held responsible for stolen items but will try to rugby tackle suspects unless they are a.) bigger than us or b.) quicker than us.

Sellers are not permitted to sell illegal, hazardous or products that are not suitable to be displayed at a family based event. Prohibited items include alcohol, tobacco products, firearms, fireworks, knives or weapons, explicit material, livestock and counterfeit or stolen items.
If such items are found on display the seller will be asked to remove them from sale or  be pushed down a live volcano.

If you need any help just ask - if we can, we will.

If you are a buyer please remember:
Entry is from 08.30.
Exact change is appreciated and means you gain entry quicker.
Remember it is a car boot sale so any purchases (especially electrical) are buyer beware.
The vast majority of sellers are honest but if you buy an item which is faulty we cannot intervene and cannot be held responsible.

Next event - Sunday 23rd October 2016

Sunday 23rd October - Our last outdoor event (weather permitting).